2018 favorites.

i love brown paper packages tied up in string… especially when they contain the contents of my postmates, sephora, or amazon orders. these are a few of my favorite things… ♪

in typical fashion, i’ve separated my annual favorites into food, beauty, and beyond.


  1. lelabar ↬ for practicing the little knowledge you learned from a wine tasting at a swanky saturday happy hour.

  2. asbury park distillery ↬ for potential prohibition-themed costume soirées. gin and tonic in hand, of course.

  3. los andes restaurant ↬ for salivating over pitchers of sangria, frijoles, and latin lovers on an inconspicuous street corner.

  4. yelp elite events ↬ for the seldom nights spent socializing with strangers: free food.

  5. flamin' hot limon crunchy cheetos ↬ for morphing into the guy from toy story 2.

  6. david jumbo ranch sunflower seeds ↬ for TMJ-triggered, late night internet rabbit holes (i.e. serial killer wikis, the history of tickling, ingrown toenail videos, youtube conspiracy theories).



  1. jo malone wild bluebell cologne ↬ for post-beach outdoor showers during golden hour.

  2. marc jacobs daisy eau so fresh ↬ for go-to escape routes from bad dates.


  1. orly no bite ↬ for being weirded out by freud’s psychosexual oral stage.
    side effect: VILE taste.

  2. seche vite topcoat ↬ for deciding to buy groceries for the week instead of getting a gel manicure.

  3. kl polish in miss honey ↬ for talking a lot with your hands and spilling a drink… or three.
    honorable mentions: pinky and sophie.


  1. hourglass ambient lighting edit unlocked palette ↬ for finding the one photo on the family shared google photos album that doesn’t expose your double chin.
    note: pretty sure this was limited edition and is sold out. whoops.

  2. bite beauty french press lip glosses in dirty chai and salted caramel ↬ for becoming a regular at a local coffee shop featuring an exposed brick wall, string lights, and an array of non-dairy milk.

  3. ABH x amrezy highlighter ↬ for not being able to block sunshine with a car visor while driving during evening rush hour.

  4. stila glitter & glow liquid eyeshadow in diamond dust ↬ for ghosting someone solely because he doesn’t vote.
    honorable mentions: rose gold retro and smoldering satin.


  1. drunk elephant t.l.c. sukari babyfacial ↬ for an ugly, puppy dog filtered snap to your crush.

  2. aztec secret indian clay mask ↬ for experiencing firsthand how beauty is truly pain.

  3. ole hendriksen banana bright eye crème ↬ for insomnia-driven thoughts while sending several “hey u up?” messages around midnight.

bath and body

  1. lush sex bomb ↬ for pretending to be an OG kendrick lamar fan that one time kendrick lamar called you a real one at his concert for knowing his song, “swimming pools (drank),” when really it was the only song you knew by him.

  2. l’occitane almond shower oil ↬ for the dread that accompanies shaving legs.

  3. first aid beauty ultra repair cream ↬ for reaping the slight reward of smooth skin that comes with shaving.

  4. native deodorant in jasmine and cedar ↬ for deciding not to shave and justifying the laziness as a middle finger to female standards of beauty.


the playlist

  1. this is what you came for by calvin harris ft. rihanna ↬ for snapchat-filtered karaoke sessions in the car (don’t snap and drive).

  2. i like it by cardi b ft. bad bunny and j balvin ↬ for proving people wrong.

  3. perfect places by lorde ↬ for timing the right time to ask for a bathroom break while on a summer road trip with friends.

  4. new light by john mayer ↬ for reading a kids joke book full of cheesy puns and corny knock-knock jokes (premium content!) that make you laugh our loud.

  5. say amen (saturday night) by panic! at the disco ↬ for prancing at night on city sidewalks while practicing for a hypothetical screamo band audition.

  6. personal by hrvy ↬ for practicing hair flips in front of the mirror and contemplating getting bangs again.

  7. gypsy by fleetwood mac ↬ for using astrological memes to explain how true you are to your sign.

  8. i’m on fire by bruce springsteen ↬ for a glass of cabernet sauvignon in one hand, shower head in the other, on a candle-lit night in the bathtub.

  9. don’t take the money by bleachers ↬ for caffeine-fueled job searches and refreshing email inboxes, revising resumes, and authoring cover letters 10,000 times as the sun rises.

  10. new rules (initial talk remix) by dua lipa ↬ for looking up a slang word on urban dictionary you overheard a youth say in conversation.


  1. to all the boys i’ve loved before ↬ for having a type: tall, dark-haired guitarists.
    note: noah centineo is the perfect combination of cute and sexy. don’t @ me.

  2. ozark ↬ for wondering if your favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant is a front.

  3. bob’s burgers ↬ for laugh/crying with your only friend who can make you wheeze/scream while laughing.

  4. cnn’s decades docuseries ↬ for finding a pristine bob dylan vinyl at goodwill for $1.

  5. the handmaid’s tale ↬ for debunking conspiracy theories on a first date.
    note: find a character analysis of offred here (written prior to season two’s release).

  6. better call saul ↬ for the art of breaking hearts.


  1. sharpie brush pens ↬ for figuring out how to ace upstrokes in hand-lettering.
    plot twist: no bleed-through with these—in my experience, at least.

  2. uniball signo dx pens 0.38 mm ↬ for all the pens lost from reluctantly letting strangers borrow your favorite pens.

  3. sakura white gelly roll 0.8mm ↬ for “accidentally” sending a nude to the wrong person.

  4. tombow mono eraser ↬ for accidentally sending a nude to the wrong person.

  5. muji .5 mechanical rotating pencil ↬ for feeling the imprints of handwriting on the backside of the page.

  6. zebra drafix .3 drafting pencil ↬ for determining the fine line between being thirsty and being a thirst trap.


  1. muscle tees ↬ for embracing bedtime side boob.
    note: i’ve been cutting graphic tees into muscle tanks. most of mine are from spencer’s.

  2. ae fuzzy teddy 1/4 zip hoodie ↬ for becoming a walking blanket in the name of fashion.

  3. sojos sunnies ↬ for pretending not to notice male genitals escaping a speedo at the beach (no hate, but no thank you).

  4. steven madden cavo black multi sneakers ↬ for the 156,394 times you fell off rainbow road playing mario kart.


  1. the guest house by rumi ↬ for attempting to listen to a podcast during morning rush hour and failing.

  2. the bullet journal method by ryder carroll ↬ for looking up future getaways and fun airbnbs only to remember you can barely afford to buy gas for rest of the week.

  3. fahrenheit 451 by ray bradbury ↬ for swearing off technology and planning a social media cleanse while intermittently watching black mirror.

  4. cat on a hot tin roof by tennessee williams ↬ for finally getting closer to understanding human behavior after an anxiety-ridden existential crisis.

what have been some of your favorites of 2018?