we seldom get the opportunity to reflect on the past year’s accomplishments, changes, and milestones. that is, unless we actively present yourself with that opportunity.

as a glass-half-empty kind of person and a writer, i’m finding it increasingly more important to not only document these moments, but to force myself to interrupt negative self-talk and self-doubt. i’m struggling to look at the bright side (and not just listen to it). this is a seemingly constant struggle i’m carrying into the new year—i’m a WIP, what can i say?

during 2018, i mourned the loss of two iPhones (first, to a concoction of lush products in my bathtub, and two weeks later, to a pool of water not as pleasantly fragranced in a historical toilet at a museum in Houston, TX), ghosted from two jobs (and even more tinder matches), and totaled my car. i also relapsed on a futile nail biting habit, gained some number of pounds i refuse to calculate by stepping onto a scale, and spent too much time on boys whose numbers are now stored on my phone as trash can emojis.

along the way, i went on a road trip over the summer with my closest friends, got a new car, and drowned intrusive thoughts with the sound of ocean waves on countless trips to the beach. i even managed to achieve half of my new year’s resolutions for this year. they were:

  1. work at an internship relevant to journalism, preferably at a magazine.

  2. write a total of 100 reviews on yelp.

  3. become a member of yelp elite.

  4. resume therapy and attend regularly.

did i focus on the items on this list i didn’t complete, which made me feel like a failure because i have the tendency to set unattainable goals because i have unrealistically high expectations of myself and have no sense of balance in my life and don’t know how to stop these vicious tangents? eh—something like that. but did i complete achieve half of my list and make progress towards the person i envision myself to be in the future, even though i took two steps forward and one step back? i guess.

three friends (more or less), two bullet journals, and one juice cleanse later, i somehow made it out of 2018 alive. here were some of my favorite moments:

what’s your favorite memory or learning experience from this past year?

stay tuned for a yearly favorites…