why lowercase

lowercase is laidback. lowercase is inviting. lowercase breaks rules yet presents a sense of uniformity. all letters are treated equally and calmly. lowercase is a visual representation of equality. there are no distinctions in the text yet it articulates.

UPPERCASE SCREAMS THE TERRORS OF INSOMNIA AND STRESS AND ANXIETY (sO dOeS tHiS). uppercase is uniform too but is also abrasive. A sentence that begins with a capital letter abruptly ends. Then, another sentence intervenes, creating a cycle of interruption.

lowercase flows through the mind without pause, without yelling. lowercase is simple. lowercase is unassuming. lowercase is little yet powerful.

note from the author: for someone as meticulous as me with grammar and punctuation, you’d think i’d cringe at the site, or lack thereof, of uppercase letters in my personal writing. practically speaking, it’s a stylistic choice of mine. i am also lazy when it comes to pressing the shift key and justify this laziness by claiming that lowercase is nuanced in a way. now, don’t get me wrong—i, too, am guilty of laying into my caps lock button but with intent. sometimes i am calm and sometimes i want to yell.

i am either quiet or screaming with not much in between.