the ones that didn't get away.

there are the beauty junkies who clean their makeup brushes weekly, are adamant about their nightly skincare routine after a night out, and paint their nails without pooling nail polish in their cuticles. maybe they’re also into bullet journaling and have a dedicated spread of their opened beauty products and their respective expiration dates.

then there’s the rest of us. the ones who only remember to wash their makeup brushes after they realize they don’t have any clean ones left. the ones who use a makeup wipe after a long night of partying in bed mindlessly watching makeup tutorials on youtube, and still wake up with raccoon eyes. the ones who smudge their nail polish seconds after painting them to go to the bathroom. we don’t abide by product expiration dates. we toss products with peculiar odors. and sometimes we don’t.

those products are the ones who didn’t get away. who stood their ground through rounds of decluttering. who stayed through thick (winged eyeliner) and thin (over-plucked eyebrows). who stuck around even though they’ve been long forgotten about.

we all have them, so here are some of mine:

too faced “a few of my favorite things” palette

the palette is slim but getting thicker with layers of dust. the chocolate soleil bronzer stood up to the test of time and remains an all-time favorite bronzer. the eyeshadows in the palette are versatile with the exclusions of a few duds. the palette is even travel-friendly, yet hasn’t traveled from my eyeshadow palette drawer since its release in 2013.

note: my first word was “tape,” referring to the sound of music on vhs. i mean, i just referenced “my favorite things” in my 2018 favorites, which you can find here. my love for the movie transcends crusty pans of powder.

mac pro longwear paint pot in “rubenesque”

ah, another relic of 2013: the era of gold eyeshadow and brown/black eyeliner in the waterline. its coral warmth and golden sheen transport us to a tropical, scuba diving galore. with rubenesque, began an unconditional love for cream eyeshadows and glistening, golden highlights. update: although forgotten during the age of baking and matte liquid lipsticks, we have rekindled the flame and are going at full force with more cream cosmetics than ever.

note: pairs well with mac’s pigment in “melon,” which is fortunately still available and will never leave you.

urban decay electric palette

“savage” savagely stained pink. “slowburn” stained orange. none of that mattered. these rainbow stains were the ultimate fix for the color addicts. although the palette has “gonzo,” now every makeup fiend rocks an orange in the socket and dabbles in a little “chaos” every now and again.

lorac pro palettes (1, 2, & 3)

the pinnacles of firsts. first neutral eyeshadow palettes. first high-end beauty purchases. we get sentimental as we age. we become forgettable as we age. yet, we never forget our first love(s).

update: check out my blog post using these for the first time in years!

juicy couture perfume

see your 13 year old self in the mirror. hear a mid-2000s playlist as you experience whiplash as the artists jump from ludacris to fall out boy to t pain. touch the fuzz on your uggs. taste the rainbow. smell juicy.

nars eyeshadow in “persia”

(prior to its reformulation in 2018)

the trendsetter. in recent news, persia has remained elusive in the public eye. sources say she’s slightly more refined now, aging like a fine wine.

lit cosmetics loose glitters

lit was lit before lit was even a thing. lit taught us to love ourselves no matter our size because we all sparkle in our own special way.

some of these products were of mediocre quality then and are subpar now. some of these products are still great. yet all of them rest untouched in a small part of my heart.

what’s a product you refuse to let go when you know you should?